Exploring Novel Neoantigen-Based Treatment Methods for Glioblastoma


  • Daniyal Atiq
  • Yacoub Alokam
  • Suraj Shah


Neoantigen, glioblastoma, monoclonal antibodies, immune checkpoint inhibitors, T-cells, immunogenicity, treatments, vaccine therapy, cell therapy, combination therapy, personalized therapy


Glioblastoma, constituting almost half of all malignant brain tumors, presents a formidable challenge in treatment due to the blood-brain barrier's protective role against certain therapies. These tumors, characterized by rapid growth, tissue invasion, and diverse evolving cells, afflict individuals of all ages and resist conventional cancer treatments despite extensive biomedical research. An innovative approach to glioblastoma treatment involves leveraging neoantigens, specific to cancer cells and targetable by the immune system. Clinical trials suggest that neoantigen-based treatments hold promise, offering more effective and personalized options for patients. Exploring this avenue, including vaccines, immune checkpoint blockers, and adoptive cellular therapies, is crucial for improving outcomes. This paper reviews novel therapeutic options within neoantigen-based treatments, providing insights into potential advancements against glioblastoma.


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Atiq, D., Alokam, Y., & Shah, S. (2023). Exploring Novel Neoantigen-Based Treatment Methods for Glioblastoma. Berkeley Pharma Tech Journal of Medicine, 3(2), 29–64. Retrieved from https://berkeleypharmatechjournalofmedicine.com/index.php/bptjm/article/view/48



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