About the Journal

Welcome to the BPT Journal of Medicine! Our Journal is an online, open-access journal geared towards democratizing scientific information by providing a platform for young writers and researchers to share their work with the scientific community. We welcome anyone who is interested in science and novel developments to submit manuscripts. By simplifying complex principles in easy-to-understand language, we enable non-scientific professional readers to easily follow and explore scientific trends. 


We streamline the peer review process to make publication a fast and attainable goal. Our communication liaison will walk prospective author(s) through the overall publication process. We are also providing a free editorial service, which is available to any manuscript submitter. In addition, we are also rewarding our authors with our own cryptocurrency, called CRISPR tokens. Prospective authors can view the information regarding the CRISPR tokens at https://www.berkeleypharmatech.com/crisprtokens


We plan to support undergraduate research and to provide an avenue for novel scientific ideas to flourish. We are working to make life as easy as possible for our authors because we understand the challenges that young authors face as they go through the process of submitting their work for publishing. Each of our authors will receive an individualized evaluation to help them to improve their paper to the level needed for publication.


Online Publication: ISSN 2771-7895