Editorial Team

Reid Adler, J.D. -- Editorial Board Member

Reid has been involved with innovation management in the life sciences field for over 35 years, including the development of programs and policies for various types of organizations, complex technology transactions and the strategic management of intellectual property portfolios. His legal career includes experience as a senior partner of two international law firms, Morrison & Foerster and Morgan Lewis, as well as general counsel to the pioneering J. Craig Venter Institute for genomics.

He has also consulted with several multinational pharmaceutical companies and for the Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations on the legal and business development aspects of vaccines. Most recently, Reid published a website to provide courses and training resources for innovation management at (www.innovationmatters.co). His most popular course, “How to Have Safe and Effective Confidential Business Conversations” now includes a special module on “Best Practices for Negotiating in a Pandemic.” Berkeley Pharmatech members have a coupon code for free access!)

Reid was the founding director of the NIH Office of Technology Transfer, where he recruited and managed a team of over 40 people involved in translating research projects into developed health care products. He played a key role at NIH in developing policies and model agreements, research integrity guidelines and the Uniform Biological Material Transfer Agreement, currently used by hundreds of organizations worldwide. He was also the founding president of the Association of Federal Technology Transfer Executives.

He holds a J.D. from the George Washington University Law School. Following law school, he clerked for Judge Giles Rich at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. After that, he was a fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Foreign and International Patent, Copyright and Competition Law in Munich, Germany. Reid has testified before Congress on technology transfer policy, published numerous articles, and has taught courses in Innovation Management, Strategic Planning, Technology Transfer, and Legal Aspects of Biotechnology for The Johns Hopkins University, George Washington University Law School, DePaul University Law School and the FAES Graduate School at NIH. Reid also has served on the boards of several community nonprofit organizations involved with the fine arts and with middle and high-school education.


Jesus Cordova Guerrero, Ph.D. --Editorial Board Member

Dr. Guerrero is currently an Assistant Professor of Chemistry at the California Lutheran University. He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles in 2011. After that, he carried out his post-doctorate studies in material science at the University of Central Florida. Subsequently, at the University of California, Davis, he worked in chemical methodology as a postdoctoral scholar. In 2017 he obtained his current position at the California Lutheran University. He has written and published several articles on the subjects of metal-organic frameworks and enantioselective synthesis of organic compounds in Organic Letters, Angewandte Chemie, ACS Materials Letters, Journal of the American Chemical Society, International Journal of Molecular Sciences and Chemistry Select. His current research focuses on anticancer organometallic compounds.

His position on the Editorial Board gives him an opportunity to serve and contribute in a different manner other than teaching and researching, which he has done for most of his career. His intention is to pay it forward and give back to the community. He appreciates the idea of working with a multidisciplinary team, and would like to make the Berkeley Pharma Tech Journal of Medicine available to a broad audience.


Vanloan Nguyen - Interim Editor-in-Chief

Vanloan Nguyen is the founder and director of Berkeley Pharma Tech.  She is a passionate entrepreneur with extensive experience in biotechnology and start-up management.  Since 2018, she primarily works in venture capital as a fellow at Life Science Angels, where she recruits, screens, and provides guidance to start-up companies. 

Prior to her VC experience, she conducted medical research in antibody engineering at Panorama Research Institute, specifically with the goal of creating a novel therapy for erosive bone disease.  In 2020, Nguyen joins the SPARK advisors at Stanford, bringing her knowledge as an industry expert to counsel scholars on research and development, clinical care and business.  For a short time she also served as the President and Managing Director at PurusBio, a startup working to launch a LAMP device for pathogen testing—a technology which emerges from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory—in collaboration with Dr. M. Allen Northrup, Ph.D., FRSC. In addition, she volunteers regularly at the Career Center at UC Berkeley.

Nguyen graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a pre-medical focus, later completing a Masters’ Degree in Biotechnology Entrepreneurship and Enterprise at Johns Hopkins University in 2019.  She is the lead author of the published paper titled Interleukin-7 and Immunosenescence, with co-authors Andrew Mendelsohn and James W. Larrick.

In addition to entrepreneurship, Nguyen is passionate about charity work; she founded the Hmong Crippled Children Charity in 2017, which organizes surgical missions in Vietnam for disabled children.


Our Editorial Staff

Elizabeth Paglinauan-Warner - Editorial Intern

Elizabeth Paglinauan-Warner is a senior at the University of Maryland Honor's College. A few of her passions include traveling, singing, and trying new foods. One fun fact is that this summer she will be moving to New York City to work during her gap years prior to medical school. A recent achievement of her is maintaining her spot on the Dean's List this past semester, as well as being elected to the executive board for Students Helping Honduras, a nonprofit organization she is very passionate about. She also recently signed with a NY modeling agency and she is excited to begin work when she moves to the city after graduation. In five years, she will be in the middle of medical school pursuing pediatrics infectious diseases. Her combined love for both English and medicine will further her potential to hopefully become an excellent physician one day.


Rishika Chidananda - Editorial Intern

Rishika Chidananda is a recent graduate from Rice University. She enjoys kayaking in nearby rivers, cooking new dishes, and reading novels. A fun fact about her is that she frequently makes Neapolitan pizza from scratch.

In college, she became very interested in pursuing her love for words and did everything from writing articles in our college's newspaper 'The Thresher' to being a playwright in a musical parody of 'Hamlet'. After her freshman year, she interned at a production company called Hyde Park entertainment where she read screenplays and was involved in the production process. The next summer, she worked as an editorial intern at Hachette Book Group, one of the Big Five publishing companies in the US.

While she enjoyed the time I spent in the editorial space, she realized that she enjoyed listening to people's stories far more. Coinciding with her interest in mental health, she decided to change directions and pursue a career in psychiatry. In the next 5 years, she hopes to graduate from medical school and work as a psychiatry resident, helping patients recraft their own narratives.


Sue Bin Park - Editorial Intern

Sue Bin is a graduating fourth year at UCLA studying Human Biology and Society. In addition to her interests in human health, biotechnology and bioethics, she has a passion for the arts, especially music and the performing arts. She loves performance studies and making and listening to music, with a specific interest in Korean culture and music at the moment! A fun fact about her is that she has lived in three countries--she was born in Pohang, South Korea, moved to Ontario, Canada as a young child, and later moved to Davis, California. As a result, she has strong interest in language learning.

As she approaches the end of her time as an undergrad student, determining future career paths is definitely at the forefront of her mind. That being said, she has worked hard to improve her native Korean language skills and has just managed to land her first freelance part-time position translating Korean media for a YouTube video essay creator.

In five years, she hopes to see herself settled in a major city on the West Coast with my partner and a pet or two! At the moment, she sees herself pursuing a career in human health, utilizing her specialty in writing. She is a person who prefers to see where life takes her, but she does know that she sees herself pursuing her passions with her loved ones close by!